It Isn’t Art Unless Somebody Sees It


I’ve recently learned that a photographer who’s inspired me for many years has decided to turn away from from photography, possibly for good.  He’s always been one to photograph remote locations, in the bitter cold, in the dark and alone.  He wasn’t shooting to become popular or get “likes” and this showed in his images.  No crazy lines in his compositions, just an overall peacefulness.

His style has influenced me more than any other photographer over the years as I’ve found my passion for photography. All the early mornings of just a camera, coffee and pitch black have been inspired by him.  I would’ve still gone but it was a bit easier knowing there was someone out there doing something similar to get a picture.  I’ve gained confidence to not be afraid to be different with your photography.  This is extremely difficult, as anything creative should be, to no fall into the trap of photographing WHAT OTHER PEOPLE WANT TO SEE.  Is this really why you are a photographer?  Not me.  I’ve always wanted to share with others what I see, not what they want to see.

I’m honestly hurt that I won’t be able to see his images on a regular basis.  As much as it is important to photograph what YOU want and to do it YOUR way, it’s nothing if it isn’t shared with the world.  If Mozart only played piano in the middle of the forest with nobody to ever hear him, would he be a musical genius?  NO.  The part of art that I think speaks as loud as the work itself is sharing it with others.  It’s not art if others never see it.

I fully respect his decision to pursue a different journey, one that intrigues, challenges and inspires.  I truly wish him all the best and a sincere thank you for all he’s inspired with me over the years.

Happy Shooting,




5 thoughts on “It Isn’t Art Unless Somebody Sees It

  1. I cannot wait till my children get abit older and they don’t moan so much when going out, they been taking photos since they was young enough to press the ‘click’ button usually when i’m not looking which is funny, got ones of me doing ironing, washing up and sleeping lol, as you with your photographer when my children grow up and venture onto their own path of this big world after school which i’m counting down the years now i’m going to miss them coming out with me to take those shots, my youngest is only 10 so still doesn’t like the scary nightimes after around9pm, i love your tree just one it’s kinda how we all will be in the end….


  2. But he has greatly inspired you and that won’t go away. It really is a time of choice and doing what you are really passionate about is so important.

    Thanks for all your lovely inspiration as well!



  3. I have always had a strange love for lone trees, especially old, wiry oak trees. I live in Iowa, so it’s not uncommon to see a lone tree or two in-between fields. There is just something about the image that makes me happy.


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