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When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence – Ansel Adams

I’m fortunate to live in a world of seasons.  Being an outdoor photographer, much of my work and life revolves around the seasons.  Park City, UT, showcases the seasons beautifully and without fail, each one arrives in time.  The snow will melt, the flowers will bloom, the leaves will turn and the snow will fall.  There is no set time that each season has to ready by and Mother Nature is the queen of bending the right time.

This year in Park City has been no exception.  It has snowed every month except July, fall colors appeared in vivid blood red in August, October was warm and beautiful and like the flip of a switch, November has turned to winter.  Below zero temperatures (F) and the first major snowstorm of the year knocking on the door has been the case the past week in Utah.  Much of the country is locked in cold weather and buried in deep snow.  Here in Utah, that sounds like a dream:)  Winter is the singular reason many people have heard of, and moved to, Utah.


Winter can be challenging as an outdoor photographer for obvious reasons.  The flip-side to this is there are unique photographic opportunities that are only possible during these “challenging” conditions.  Frozen air, lower sun angles, smooth landscapes and active weather are a few reasons I love photographing the winter. Until recently, I’ve not photographed much during the winter.  I was busy skiing!  Now, I have a renewed vision and want to be out capturing the beauty of winter as much as possible.  These images were made on a morning last week when the temperature was -3F and I began hiking at 5:30 a.m. in the dark.  Cold?  Yes.  Worth it?  You decide, I know my answer:)

Thanks for following along and I promise to be more active here!




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