2014 Goals Revisited

Earlier this year I posted my goals for 2014 and with this year wrapping up, I thought I’d revisit them to see how I did.  You can find the original post here.  I’m currently working on 2015 goals and also compiling a “Top 10 of 2014” which is proving to be difficult!  More on that in a future post.

1. DON’T DROP A LENS IN THE OCEAN – With no travel plans for December, I think I’m safe on this one as I didn’t visit the ocean this year.  I made several images resembling the ocean though.  Phew!

2. STOP DROPPING LENS CAP/ND FILTER – Fail.  Several lens caps and ND filters dropped but thankfully nothing was ruined. Dropping and losing lens caps are just part of the game I guess!  Always good to have a few extra, they’re inexpensive:)

3. DON’T FORGET MY CAMERA – So far, so good on this one!  I’ve forgotten my shutter release cable and ND filters a few times but I just improvised and didn’t shoot anything I needed them for!  Knowing your equipment and what it is capable of is key.  Long lens shots were out of the question, deep contrasted scenes were also out.  In a way, this actually helped because I was forced to look for more scenes of balanced light which ends up making for better images in my mind.

4. BE MORE PATIENT – This I’m happy to report that I’ve been better at!  It also involves many more trips leaving home via headlamp or returning well after dark.  This often put me in a better position to watch the transformation of light over the landscape and visualize more.  This will be one of my goals for 2015 and for every year after that:)

5. TAKE LESS PHOTOS – I think I’ve succeeded at this as well!  I don’t have a final count of photos taken yet but I’d estimate I shot HALF as many photos as last year!  I also have way more images to show for it!  Being selective of what to shoot decreases editing time, saves hard drive space and generally produces better quality images.  Slowing down and being ready goes a long way!

6. LISTEN TO MORE MUSIC – I’ve edited photos to different types of music over the last year which has been interesting.  I find many similarities between music and photography and listening to music while shooting or editing helps me uncover an image.  Sometimes its the words in a song or the harmonies, sometimes its just the feeling it gives me.  Either way, I rarely shoot without headphones in and I usually edit photos to music.  I don’t see anything about this changing in the future.

7. PRINT MORE PHOTOS – This has been slower to come than I expected. I did make a few prints a few months ago and have plans to do much more of this very soon.  Of course, I said that in January so until I see my images printed I’ve not met this goal.  I’ve got much more to say on this but that’ll come in another post:)

8. EXPERIMENT MORE – This I’ve definitely done.  Photography is as much trial and error as anything else.  Shoot, review, share, repeat.  Look for new ways to edit an image.  Shoot more B&W.  Shoot more at f/2.  Shoot more at 200mm.  Don’t use a polarizer.  Work on photo projects.  Shoot when the light is bad.  Shoot at night.  An on and on.  This will continue to be a goal of 2015 and for many years after that.  I guarantee there are new images to make if one looks at something in a new way.

9. SLEEP MORE – Leaving this one the same!  It’s nice to have goals.

10. TAKE MORE WINTER PHOTOS – Oh, I’ve definitely met this goal and have no doubt this will no longer be a topic of concern moving forward.  Winter can be challenging for many reasons and I’ll have to write more on this.  I’ve learned a few things that may be useful to others while shooting during the cold, snowy months.  This has everything to do with experimenting, being patient and putting yourself in the position to get the photo in the first place!


Thank you to all who read this and follow along.  I continue to learn daily and my journey into and through the world of photography is a journey I thoroughly enjoy.   2015 looks to be another year of adventure both geographically and mentally and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I’m ecstatic for things to come and I look forward to sharing this journey with you.  Thank you again for reading, listening and viewing:)  EE


9 thoughts on “2014 Goals Revisited

  1. Stumbled across your blog not too long ago and I am happy I found it. You have some great photos and they are most definitely inspirational to look at. Keep up the good work. I am also somewhat in the same boat as you with the experimenting. I’m constantly trying to find new ways of doing things and combining different techniques to see what the outcomes are. I look forward to seeing future posts.


  2. The most unbelievable photography! Gave me goosebumps! You need to know that you’re super amazing! The way you look at things, the way you capture them all, your vision… seriously .. hats off!


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