Top 10 Instagram Images of 2014

2014 brought hundreds of images posted to Instagram, the place where tiny 2″ x 2″ pictures are shared.  There’s more than that though, contained in these tiny squares.  A connection, people, experiences, inspiration, smiles and generally happy people are in these squares.  I could easily pull these 10 images off and call it my Top 10 for 2014 but my choices won’t actually look like these images.  So why share these?

One reason may be that imagery shared across social media can be used for more than just showcasing your work.  Instagram images are tiny and flaws are easily covered.  Details don’t matter much.  The camera doesn’t matter.  All that matters is content, engagement and connection.  This is starting to sound like “Branding: 101” to me.  In the business world, building a brand is often more important than the product.  I’ll discuss this more in the future but take a minute to think about this.  Think Coca-Cola.  They sell high fructose corn syrup, artificially colored soda.  It’s cheap.  But people feel something about this product.  They have an emotional connection.  Oh, now I’m talking about photography again:)

To be brief, photography is about connecting with your viewer as much as it is about the actual image.  A photograph that never is seen by anyone isn’t worth anything, regardless if Ansel Adams himself shot and printed it.  It’s paper.  Nothing.  The minute something is shared and an emotional connection is made, artwork is born.  Combining the connection and work that inspires emotion is the part that will consume my days as an artist.  As they say, the journey is the adventure:)


Follow me on Instagram @ ericephoto and see what my final 5 images of 2014 will be.  I’m ending the year at 1000 images:)


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