Top 10 Images of 2014

Balance of Happiness

Well, 2014 has almost wrapped up behind the lens and it’s that time of year again! Usually I do this in January but I’m feeling I’ve already captured what I believe are my Top 10 images of the year. I still shoot several times per week and maybe I’ll capture another worthy scene in the final 2 weeks, maybe not. Winter has been slow to arrive after an initial blast in November and much snow has melted during December. I’m not complaining though, since I’ve used that time to chop away at the thousands of pictures I took this year and narrow it down to 10. Hours of reviewing, hours of editing, hours of contemplation. All for 10 images.

I feel each of these images goes beyond a memorable personal experience and hopefully relays some of what I saw and felt to you. Only 2 sunsets made the cut, 2 B&W’s and 0 sunrises. The sky isn’t visible in 4 of the images, 1 is at night and 1 was shot during the middle of the day. I’ve titled each image and left the description blank intentionally. I offer a suggestive title but I don’t want my words or experience to alter your view of the images. Don’t worry though, I’ll write about each one in-depth in future posts:)

For now, I invite you to view each of the images and be sure to click on them to view full screen. I posted my “most favorited” images from Instagram in my last post and you may notice NONE of those images are contained in my Top 10.  These images are meant to be viewed large and for more than 3 seconds.  In my mind, they’re meant to be viewed for years:)  Thank you to all who follow me here as I journey through the wonderful world of photography, one year at a time.  2014 was an incredible year of growth for me without traveling far.  In fact, I don’t think I left Utah!  2015 looks to be drastically different though and I can’t wait to share the upcoming year with you.

Thank you again and I hope you enjoy!




10 thoughts on “Top 10 Images of 2014

  1. So … 2014… looks like a great year for you!!!! Love the moon, yellow trees and the b/w tree line… the tones and light are fantastic. Really inspiring the see your sense of light and composition.


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