Simple Life

A short story I wrote today:

Today I’m soaking up the sun.  The rays, the warmth, the bright blue sky.  I don’t think I’ll move much, as there is no need.  I will simply spend the day just being present and alive.

It’s these sunny, calm days I feel most alive.  I feel a bit fuller, a bit more vibrant.  The harsh times are forgotten, the future doesn’t matter and the joy of being alive and present brings content.

The wind begins to blow bringing a change.  My mood changes along with my appearance.  The cold winter wind shakes my soul and stirs up a transformation.  My arms pull closer to my core as I brace myself for turbulent weather.  But its snowing and I do love the winter.  I hold my arm out to catch and hold some snow. To touch it, to feel it, to hang on to it.

Once again, the warm sun returns and I feel the snow melt between my fingers. Slowly, without concern for time, I feel winter fade yet again.  More snow will come, I’ll catch more flakes, I’ll dance in the snowfall again.  Time.

Throughout the summer I take pleasure in the endless days.  So much to see, to hear.  The sounds of chipmunks, birds, snoring moose.  The smells of rain, that fresh and rejuvenating smell of rain.

Warm days turn grey and black, bubbles appear on the horizon and loud thunder shakes the earth.  That air is electric and once again, I feel alive.  Standing in the cool summer rain, cleansing rain, clears all memories and I’m here in a moment again.  That smell comes back.   The smell after the rain and I breathe it in, deeply.

The days are getting shorter, the nights darker and I think back to what a great year its been.  I didn’t go anywhere, I didn’t need to.  Everything I love is right here. Everywhere I look I see color and beauty, on every hill, beyond every visible horizon, beneath my feet.  I see it everywhere.

Growing up in a world of beauty, surrounded my moments, diversity, appreciation and love has made my life special and worth living.  I’d like to think that this matters to someone and that my simple life inspires others.  That is the secret that I’ve leaned and lived.  I must not be the only one thinking and feeling this because as I look down, I see someone is taking a picture of me.

(Image from 1/24/15 ISO100, f/8, 25 sec, 10mm)

Tree Life


10 thoughts on “Simple Life

  1. ohh eric I needed this in my day

    I swear this is written from the perspective of the tree.. and you were the one that stopped to take a photograph..

    that’s what I’ll believe anyway




  2. Great to have ya back… I am going to share this with all of my east coast brother trees. You know if more of us felt this connected to nature we sure would solve many of our daily problems… very well said (written). 🙂


    • Thanks Mike:) I’ve had this short story in my head for a while so I needed to get it out. I have so much to write and many images to share here, I think I stopped because I didn’t know where to start. Hope you are well, Eric

      Liked by 1 person

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