I recently found a short story I wrote 15 years ago.  I’ve added a few images that I’ve made in 2015.  Nothing has changed:)


They say that staring at the sun will make you go blind.  I don’t understand.  I’ve been blind for 12 years now and I love to stare at the sun.  I was left blinded at the age of 10 after an accident involving me and a motorcycle.  The last thing I saw was the little white man in the walking position on the street pole.  The man on the motorcycle didn’t see me because the sun was in his eyes.


Now all I see are images my own mind creates.  I have a limited memory of reality so I live in two separate worlds.  One is dominated by recalling moments from my past and the other is composed of what I imagine.  I am extremely entertained by the thought of no boundaries on my mind.  I can feel something and pretend it to be an object that I want it to be.  I hear sounds that make me wonder what it is.  My sense of smell is very acute to minor fragrances.  I can smell snow in the air.  I smell morning as well as frustration or anger.


Sometimes in the evening, I sit on my porch staring into the fading sum.  I can sense the fading light but its always the same.  Lately I’ve been creating sunsets in my mind.  I remember seeing a thousand different colors in the evenings as a child and my mind now uses those as a palette  to paint my own sunsets.


Sometimes I get a lonely sensation from not seeing what others see.  Other times, I feel that I’m on Could 9 for seeing what others can’t see.  My sunsets aren’t over until I say they’re over.  My people are always smiling.  My home can be remodeled instantly.  There are no black, brown, white, yellow, or purple people in my world.  Appearance means nothing to me.  I can literally see right through it.

In my view, blindness is self inflicted. I’m thankful every day for my sight and vision.  My biggest frustration is that it is difficult for me to portray to others what I see.  I get chills over my entire body when I can connect with someone about vision.  Don’t let it stop, don’t ever stop.



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