Colors of the Green River


The Green River flows from high in the mountains of Wyoming south to Canyonlands National Park in Utah, where it joins the Colorado River and carves the Grand Canyon. This mighty river enters Utah in dramatic fashion and carves out another impressive canyon in Dinosaur National Monument.  We spent 3 days exploring this unbelievable landscape and my initial impression is that we barely scratched the surface.  I’ve traveled much of Utah in my time here and exploring this state has  yet to bore me.


I didn’t know what to  expect from the Green River.  Would it really be green?  It is February and that typically brings cold, ice and snow but this winter has been quite different.  Instead, Utah has been treated to sun and warmth with very little snow.  With skiing looking a bit bleak, we headed east from Park City to take advantage of some sun and dry conditions.  These 3 days didn’t disappoint!  I have several  other posts to work on but for this one, I’ll simply focus on the colors of the Green River.  As you can see, the river is anything but green.  In fact, we saw it change every color of the rainbow (plus silver) in only 12 hours!

Enjoy the images and stay tuned for much more:)  EE

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16 thoughts on “Colors of the Green River

    • Thank you, it was my first time there although I’ve stared at this place on a map many times! If you’re anywhere around there, you should go see it. Utah is home to many unique geological features and this would easily be a National Park in any other state. Utah already has 5 though! Go check it out:)


      • As much as I would love to, I am a long, long way from Utah 😦 halfway across the world really, in Sydney, Australia. But I’ll get to the states some day!


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