Nature’s Art: Dinosaur National Monument (Part 1)


Utah is an incredible landscape to observe, explore and to photograph.  The variety of color and formations here are impressive to the eye.  We spent last weekend in Dinosaur National Monument backpacking, hiking, fishing and wandering during this unusually warm February.  This area would normally be covered in snowing ice but this year, winter has had other plans.  DNM is about 3 hours from Park City making it closer than Moab.  The sandstone formations, the river, the arid landscape are all similar but the one main difference is people.  You won’t find them here:)


Being in a quiet landscape that is sculpted by time, it is easy to slow down and notice the beauty on a smaller scale.  There is an overwhelming large landscape to absorb and it is quite dramatic.  That’ll be for a future post;)  I’m equally drawn to the intimate landscape as I am the grand views in great light.  I find these smaller, more detailed scenes more rewarding because they are harder to find.  Simply finding scenes like this isn’t enough though.  You need to see them once they’re found.  This is the challenging part of photography.  You study the light, the depth, the visual flow, the contrast, the focus and the feeling.  Then you can photograph the scene in front of you.  Now take this same approach to the grand landscape.  It’s all the same.

Thank you all for reading and enjoy the images.  More to come soon!








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