100 Steps From Home

“Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson


Photography and travel are somewhat synonymous in that we want to see places we’ve been or want to go.  Traveling to places far from home can offer a dramatic landscape different from that surrounds you everyday.  It would be easy to create a vivid, eye-catching portfolio of images if one were to travel the globe and visit the well-known locations.  You know them, they’re the ones you see pictures of every day.  One visit to Facebook or 500px and you’ll see this right away.   There is nothing wrong with photographing places that have been photographed before and it is quite enjoyable.  Take a trip to Yosemite and stop at Tunnel View to take a picture and you’ll see why.  Icons are icons for a reason.  Visit them, enjoy them and photograph them.  If you want to make a better image, one that means more to you and one that represents your style, you’ll need a bit of practice first.  This is where your everyday life comes in to play.














I guarantee you’re surrounded by beautiful things to photograph, no matter where you live in the world.  Read that one again.  Beauty isn’t reserved for Yosemite or Machu Picchu, it literally is everywhere.  It’s even closer than that though!  To illustrate this point, I’ve set out to capture images within 100 steps from my front door and am slowly building a collection of observations.  I’ve been watching the same trees over time, the different shadows throughout the day, the changing of the seasons, the people near by and so much more.  By doing so, I’ve enhanced my ability to be an observer and this learned skill is ever so useful when I travel to photograph.  I can more quickly identify scenes or objects to photograph, I’m more practiced with light and shadow, I’m more familiar with my camera and in the end, I’m able to capture more of what I see and feel.  This is the goal with photography, right?


So go look with a different set of eyes next time you take out the garbage, check the mail or walk the dog.  If you see something interesting, take a picture.  The fun doesn’t stop there though.  Share this with someone.  Text it to your friend, upload an image to Facebook, write a blog post about it but don’t keep it for yourself!  Art is nothing if nobody sees it!  For those who use Instagram, you can see a few images I’ve posted by searching #ee_100stepsfromhome.  I’m in no rush to build this collection but I will be adding a few more soon;)













Thanks for reading and I hope this helps you become a better observer.


P.S. all but one of these images were shot with my phone.



5 thoughts on “100 Steps From Home

  1. I love this post! It’s amazing what the eyes of a “photographer”, “Photography amateur” or whatever each call themselves, see in the simplest surroundings. The way they see things, they always see the beauty in the mundane world, or like you said in your post, 100 steps from your home! Great pictures!


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