McPolin Barn – Park City, UT


There is an iconic barn in Park City, UT that is heavily photographed and easily recognizable.  Chances are you’ve seen this barn if you’ve been to or seen images of Park City.  There can be times when many photographers are out shooting in front of it or capturing pics from the nearby road.  Other times it is peaceful and quiet with nobody around.  Last night was one of those nights.

I’m fortunate to live fairly close to this barn (1/2 hour walk) so I have the opportunity to photograph there often.  I usually go about once a month and I aim to find new perspectives or try new techniques when shooting here.  There are a million images of the barn so getting a new perspective can be challenging.  That’s what I love about photography though!  Being forced to open your eyes a bit more, observe your surroundings more and find the beauty that exists every day.

We’ve had a very mild winter in Park City (and much of the West) this year and there have been very few days of snow cover around the barn.  The recent storm dropped enough snow to cover everything but I was busy skiing so I missed shooting a “winter” scene here.  Oh well, it’ll snow again in April or May:)  I’ll have to share some more images from the McPolin Barn that I’ve made in a future post.

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