Just One Photo: Day 2 &3


Day 2

Canyons Resort

June 16, 2015

For day 2 of this project, I didn’t have near the dramatic weather to work with as on the first day.  Summer has returned and the weather is perfect for hiking around Park City.  I went to the Canyons Resort to search for a view I like of the McPolin Barn, hiking up and around until I found the spot.  Partly cloudy skies made for some nice spot lighting but the sun was still high in the sky and the contrast was a little too much.  With time to kill until the light softened, I continued hiking around until I came upon this view.  I sat and watched for a while since there was a hawk circling the area.  At one point, the hawk flew no more than 15 feet in front of me, catch of the day in hand.

Looking back at the barn once more, I decided I liked the view of the mountainside more.  The range of light from this scene was fairly narrow so some additional editing was done to accentuate the shadows and highlights.  The low wind made for shooting a telephoto scene technically easy.  Lower lit scenes require more effort in terms of a remote or mirror lock but bright scenes are fairly straightforward.  This was a much-needed mellow scene after the intense evening the day before.

For the 2nd image, I wanted to photograph these columbines with morning light and with hopes of no wind.  It was mostly calm with a slight breeze from time to time and the sunlight filled the forest ever so slowly.  This image was a bit more complicated to find, compose and capture.  These columbines live under a dark pine tree and one bump of the limb and the flowers move too.  Being under the tree, it was relatively dark compared to the bright white bark of the aspens.  There was no hope to capture the full range of light with one exposure.  If I exposed too much, the trees turn all white and the flower has blown highlights.  Too little and the noise created from shadow recovery ruins the image.  I opted to expose for the flower and let most of the trees go white.  This made for a natural decision to edit this image the way I did.

Day 3

Park City Mountain Resort

June 17, 2015


This image is interesting to me to think of the different ways to capture this scene while keeping a balanced exposure throughout the image.  I have a few ideas on this.  One would be to use an ND filter for the top half.  This would create dark and unnatural shadows in the trees and look odd.  Another way would be to compose a tighter framed image.  I think doing this would work but you’d lose the space of the aspen grove.  You could also shoot at F/2 – F/4 and get a nice bokeh effect but I don’t think the composition of the wrapping trees would hold as well.  Plus, I don’t own a super wide, shallow depth of field lens.  Lastly, shooting this in the evening would be ideal for light, but not for wind.  Photographing this scene with wind would be next to impossible, or require several frames.  This is the point though, I only had one click of the shutter to capture an image, not 100.


I have no idea what I’ll shoot the remaining 4 days but my eyes are open and I’ll be sharing the next images soon.



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8 thoughts on “Just One Photo: Day 2 &3

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    • I enjoy B&W because it allows the photographer and the viewer to engage in the same subject, each in their own way. As a photographer, observing light, shapes, tones, contrast, depth to name a few are all relevant in B&W photography and you are forced to do so in a more precise manner. As a viewer, I’m left to discover the compositions through the use of those compositional elements and find my own meaning in the photograph. I think B&W accomplishes this in a simpler method than color photography (most of the time) and any time you can simplify an image, you’re on the right track. Hope this helps a little! Thanks for the comment, Eric


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