Just One Photo: Day 6


For today’s image, I spent some time near the McPolin Barn in Park City.  This is the iconic white barn that every visitor sees when arriving to Park City.  Skies are clear again today with vivid green covering the mountains.  Basically, it’s really nice here:)  I almost settled on a photograph of the deep blue polarized sky, the crisp white barn and a striking American flag on the front.  This would be more of a tourist view though and not an image I’m after.  I stopped by the tractor and John Deere baler and had a look around.  With a nice shadow and dark blue sky, I thought this image would pop out in B&W.  Finding a composition I liked took some time but that is the fun of this.  Your eyes explore the rusted details, the weathered textures of everything and machines of moving parts locked in place.  I chose to use the shadow to create some depth to an otherwise flat image.  A slightly tilted perspective gives the eye a path to follow through the image and a separation of some details.  I shot this handheld so I kept my shutter speed high, shot at f/8 ISO 200.  The focus was on the screw on the right and was outside the focus points on the camera.  Choosing a right side focus point, focusing the camera, switching to manual focus, recomposing without changing distance and clicking once the composition is framed was the main challenge with this image.  It’s one I practice with frequently though so I wasn’t hesitant to use this for this one shot.

This image is in line with a new project I’ve been working on this summer involving the mining history in Park City.  You can see some of the images here: Park City – A Vivid History.  As with farm equipment, people collect relics of past years for mining and since much is dirty, rusty and gritty, the images are a nice alternative.  I see these photos as pieces to a larger collection for display.  Much more to come on this soon.

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