A STELLER Time in Capitol Reef National Park

Last weekend I had the opportunity to meet some amazing people in my favorite national park in Utah, Capitol Reef.  The event was hosted by Backcountry.com and Steller, with members of our group connecting through Instagram.  Connecting with others who share a similar passion is what social media is all about to me.  And what better place to do just that than at an incredible place.  The goal was to connect and create stories on Steller (iOS app, no Android yet!) and since I’m not a cool kid with an iPhone, here’s my story:)

“The Landscape of Life – Inspired by Capitol Reef”

Life is interesting to say the least.  We view the same physical things, with the same eyes, same body, same physical brain but yet we all see differently.  Perspectives change, light and colors feel different and those we surround ourselves with influence our thoughts and actions.  Where some see curves, others see angles.  Where some see light, some see darkness.  Where some see color, others see tones of grey.  There is no right way to see and the only important thing is how you see.

To some, Capitol Reef was familiar and to others it was an entirely new experience.  From seeing the day begin, to watching it end, to extending the waking hours, we explored and saw through other’s eyes while the landscape itself remained the same.  Photography can often be a solitary art where the photographer tries to convey experience.  We try to show what it was like to be somewhere with disappointing results.  We try to capture the grandeur, the scale, the emotion but fail regularly.  The reason is simple: it’s impossible.  It can’t be done.

Sharing experiences and making memories is different though, and through photography, we’re able to make images that go beyond the physical appearance of the landscape.  We record our memories, our moments, our vision and these images become far more impactful than the grand scene in front of a lens.   As time passes, we don’t remember the sunset.  We don’t remember a sunrise or an exact location of a colorful rock.  We remember something far more important:  who we experienced it with.

There is a basic need we all share that transcends us all, to belong.  Maybe you need to go to the desert in the middle of the night with friends or maybe you just need to go for a walk in the middle of the day.  Either way, we all gathered in a beautiful place so we could do one simple thing: belong.

Thanks again to Backcountry.com and to Stellar for organizing an incredible experience and bringing people together to share their passions.  Social media is incredible when we focus on the “social” aspect of it:)  You can read more stories on Steller from Capitol Reef HERE or on Instagram #stellermeetcapitolreef

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10 thoughts on “A STELLER Time in Capitol Reef National Park

  1. Eric- What a gorgeous series on Capitol Reef. I only spent one afternoon there on our way through and I knew there was so much more to be seen. You’ve really captured some amazing moment. And, I love the “steller” photo– clever!


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