Top 10 of 2015: 9


Wasatch Mountains, Utah

(click on images for LARGE view)

Continuing on with my 10 best moments of 2015 was a day in April while skiing in Park City, UT.  The Wasatch Mountains in April can be a special time of year with full winter conditions while the valleys are warm and well into the next season.  Recent fresh snow and a clearing storm made for excellent skiing conditions but even better photography conditions!  I was skiing by myself this day and decided to bring my camera and sit along the highest points of the ski resort in between runs to photograph the mountains with a long lens.  Swirling clouds, fresh snow and dark shadows begged for B&W images so I watched and clicked away.


I enjoy shooting with a long lens because it allows you create images that your eyes can’t see.  Isolating scenes and compositions from a distance can be challenging as well.  Anytime you are shooting landscape type images, foreground becomes an important part of the image.  Foregrounds are difficult to compose with a long lens because of extreme distances so you often will see a blurred foreground or none at all.  If there is no foreground, more importance is placed on composition and light.  Compositions are relatively easy to find but light is a different matter.  Instead of just sitting there waiting for light on a particular scene, a long lens allows you to find the places that already have good light and then compose an image!  On this day, there were a few times where the light wasn’t right for a particular scene so I photographed other scenes with better light.



Then I went skiing.


The day repeated like this until around 3pm and I returned home with tired legs, many GB’s of images and a huge smile.  I wish I could’ve skied with a friend that day but they probably would’ve been bored sitting on a ridge for an hour and not skiing the fresh snow!  Skiing/Snowboarding in fresh snow can often bring a panic and a rush to get to the fresh snow before it gets tracked out, but this day was different.  There were no crowds, no pressure and even after sitting for an hour, I turned around to equally as fresh snow.  The day moved as slow as the clouds and I couldn’t have asked for a better final day at the resorts.

I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them.  The Wasatch Mountains have provided so many great memories over the years and I look forward to creating new ones this year.

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6 thoughts on “Top 10 of 2015: 9

  1. These are stunning images, Eric. They surely do speak strongly to me, the eagle/hawk/vulture (can’t see what it is) in particular. And not only because I’m away for snowboarding, but here the snow stayed away :-/ Got a chance to feel the snow through your photographs, thank you 🙂

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