Top 10 of 2015: 5


Dinosaur National Monument, Utah

Continuing on with my 10 favorite experiences in 2015 with a February backpacking trip to Dinosaur National Monument in North East Utah.  February?  Backpacking?  Yup!  Last winter was exceptionally mild in Utah and since it wasn’t snowing, a friend and I headed to a new area of Utah to explore on foot.  I’d never been here and he’d only been on the water sections, so the experience was to be new for both of us.  We packed up, hit the road early and were hiking with our backpacks before noon.  The plan was to get to a view of the Green River we only saw on Google Earth.  Of course, the real thing looked way better:)

This is somewhat of an interesting post because I’ve already shared some of the experience here before.  I’m writing more because something else made this a memorable experience as a photographer, and not necessarily a good “something else.”   Earlier this fall, I opened the folder of photos for this trip to find 22 JPG’s.  NOTHING else.  OK, maybe they’re in a different folder?  Nope.  Maybe they’re not in a folder?  Nope.  Keyword search.  Nothing.  Date search.  Nothing.  Somehow, in some way, I deleted all 500+ RAW files from this memorable trip.  I’m left with a handful of JPG’s and a baffled mind.  I have no idea how this happened as I am careful when deleting and flagging photos.  At one point, I must have highlighted this folder by mistake and now it’s gone forever.  I discovered this error while backing up the files and looking back, I should’ve backed up images sooner.

But all is not lost.  Digital files are nothing to me compared to the memories and experience of this time.  My friend and I had an incredible 3 days exploring a new area of Utah in unusual conditions.  We had many laughs, enjoyed a few beers around fires, made pancakes on a sandy river beach and fished a truly wild river.  I was also able to print several images earlier this year that I am happy to say are in a good home and bring continued joy.  Dinosaur Monument isn’t going anywhere and the landscape photos can be reproduced.  I can easily go back to the same spots, or new ones, and create new images.  At the end of the day, they’re just digital files and nothing was truly lost.  It would be nice to have more images of a memorable time but mistakes happen in life.  This was a huge learning experience and one I hope to not repeat anytime soon.  Luckily, I have a few images to share from this time and had several images printed.  I’ll definitely be more careful moving forward and I’m just glad the images were mine and not for an assignment or shoot for someone else!  Lesson learned.

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