Creating for Yourself or Others?

Untitled – 2015

This post is an introduction to a topic I’ll expand upon next week.  I’ll be discussing this in terms of landscape photography but this can also be true with other forms of artistic expression.  There seems to be 2 different approaches when it comes to landscape photography.  One being capturing what a scene looked like, with elements of what the photographer felt and experienced in the image.  The other being the act of simply experiencing, photographing and creating the final image and largely being done with it by the time it is on a screen or in print.  In the first case, the photographer may want you to feel what they felt when they clicked the shutter.  I’ll give a countering example to this thought in my full post.  In the second case, the photographer places a high value on their experience of the process and the final outcome holds little, if any, value to them.  I’ll give a countering example to this notion as well.

Neither of these approaches is wrong or right, we’re all different.  We see different, we come from different environments and we have different perspectives.  My approach is somewhere in the middle.  More to come next week.

Thanks for reading and have a great holiday weekend for those in the US!


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