Shot on Film: Day 1

I’ve been seriously slacking on writing and sharing images here!  I have many updates but I’m going to start things off with a week of photos that I’ve shot on film.  I switched from a DSLR to an old film camera in November 2015 and have been slowly processing images.  I’ll also write about this  transition now that it’s been 20 months since I’ve changed my approach to landscape photography.  For now, a few images with some short captions.   I’m looking forward to catching up with everyone and I apologize if I haven’t replied to any recent comments!



~ Aspen Reflections ~ (2016 – Ektar 100)

A cloudy morning in Southern Utah and a slight breeze.  A short distance away, a very popular National Park was bustling with people.

Here, I was alone with the aspens.


~ Elements of Zion ~ (2016 – Ektar 100)

Ponderosa Pines and colorful sandstone fill Zion National Park in spectacular fashion.  It is overwhelming to the eyes here with so much to look at, both up and down.  Some of my favorite scenes from Zion aren’t the grand landscapes though.  A closer look at the landscape can reveal one of Zion’s secrets: her perfection.  It’s everywhere if you choose to look.


~ Stone & Life ~ (2016 – Ektar 100)

I’m not sure how this photo resonates with you but this is one of my favorite photos I’ve ever made of Zion National Park.  I came across this scene not far from a very busy area of the park and stopped in my tracks.  I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.  Light, form, balance, color, shape, details; everything I look for was in front of me and seemed too good to be true.  I studied the scene a bit before setting up the camera then made a few exposures.  Zion, more than any other place I’ve ever photographed, is perfect.  I’ll never come close to capturing an image to show this but I’ll learn from this place until I can’t pick up a camera.  I just hope that you are able to see a glimpse of this too or better yet, go there and see for yourself.  It really is an overwhelming place to the senses, not just visually.



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