Shot on Film: Day 2

Continuing 7 days of images with a few from this last fall in Park City, UT.   Autumn in the mountains of Utah has many different looks as the seasons change by the day.  Brilliant, crisp mornings with vibrant color, early winter storms and foggy,  rainy days make this time of year special.  These images were made about 10 months ago and in the age of digital photography and instant sharing, this seems like forever ago.   Autumn stirs up many emotions and memories to many, including myself,  and is one of my favorite times of the year to be outside.  Time is put into perspective in so many ways during this season.  I’ll write more on this in a future post.  I’ll keep this one short here with a few captions on the images below.  Two more months and the colors will start changing here again:)



~ Life Moves Way Too Fast ~  (2016 – Velvia 50)

A double track road leads through a forest of aspens and pines as Winter and Autumn are temporarily in harmony.  Seasons change, people change.  Sometimes way too fast.  I just want to walk down this path again as slow as possible.  For the photography side of things, this was shot on Velvia 50 which is a tricky film to use.  It’s highly sensitive to exposure and with fresh snow the metering was difficult.  It was also quite windy with snow falling offthe trees with every gust.  I wated for a calm moment after dialing in the exposure and made a few exposures.  I then walked down this path…slowly.


~ September’s Glow ~  (2016 – Velvia 50)

Autumn also brings these crisp, clear days that make the entire forest radiate with color.  This year was especially nice for the Mountain Maples with vibrant reds, yellows and oranges.  Maples turn color before the aspens and their large leaves are suceptable to being stripped by the wind.  Strong fall cold fronts can sweep through and strip the color overnight.  When these forests are viewed at a distance, much of the underlying color is obscured and the landscape looks largely colorless, or at least just green.  When you actually go into the forest, a world of color is revealed that is hidden from the outside.  You are litterally immersed in Autumn.  When exposed properly, Velvia is remarkable in the colors it renders and the way it makes light look.  It simply looks like light.


~ After the Rain ~  (2016 – Velvia 40)

Yet another look to Autumn, one of peace and tranquility.  The forest was dead calm and I could hear drops of water falling from the trees to the forest floor.  I made this and several other images this morning as I walked very slow down a tmountain trail.  My senses were hyper-focused yet my body was absolutely calm.  Athletes often describe this mental state as beingin “the zone” or in a flow state.  Creatives have this too.  So do observers.  And when everything just feels right and nature gives you a glimpse of something special, I take a picture.  Within an hour the fog receded and this place looked entirely different.  More importantly, it felt different  and I’m glad I was able to create and share something from that brief moment.  As an expressive person, it’s impossible for me to simply experience.  That isn’t enough.  This topic too is another future post:)

Thanks for reading,



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