Shot on Film: Day 3


Day 3 of sharing some recent images with a few from Park City, UT.  One thing I’ve learned from shooting on film instead of digital is to be much more selective in what I photograph.  Before I ever click the shutter, I pause to examine what caught my eye in the first place.  Then I go through a process before arriving at a composition that I like.  I’ll do an in-depth walk through on another post sometime to illustrate this.  You often hear of landscape photographers scouting locations and waiting for the right light.  I’m not that photographer.  Instead I photograph landscapes based on the light and compose images accordingly.  There is still some waiting with this approach as well as anticipation.  I find this approach more in tune to my experience and it also allows the images to be more unique yet natural.


~ Secret Spaces ~ (2016 – Ektar 100)

I stopped in my tracks when I saw this scene.  I’m not going to say too much about this photo except it’s one of my favorites from 2016.  It has everything I look for in an image of nature.  This image is just a low-res scan but I will be getting this one drum scanned and printed.  I just hope that I captured something that resonates with you too.

~ Frosted Forest ~ (2016 – Ektar 100)

This image doesn’t have amazing light, or any direct light for that matter.  But light doesn’t always need to be dramatic for landscapes.  Cloudy days allow for the details of the forest to become visible and allows for a more balanced exposure.  This scene caught my eye and I approached this fallen tree slowly, examining the composition with my eyes.  Then I saw it.  Those 3 leaves on the angled tree, all resting in perfect placement.  I knew they’d be difficult to see on a smaller image but they’re one of those small details that make this image unique to me.  3 leaves, 3 fallen trees and a harmony of seasons:)


~ Between Parallels ~ (2016 – Ektar 100)

This is a familiar view to me that is east of Park City.  I’ve photographed it many times over the past few years and will continue to do so.  As I stated above, I’ve become much more selective on what I photograph and when.  I only made this one exposure as the band of light appeared then faded.  I was drawn to the colors, the light, the layers, the balance and most of all, the moment.  This didn’t last long and this scene may not be repeated for a very long time, if ever.  Photographing such moments in nature are more expressive of my experience outside and always being in awe of what nature shows.

Thanks for reading and more tomorrow!



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