Shot on Film: Day 6

It’s been pretty hot throughout much of the West recently with temperatures in the 100’s for days on end.  I figured this will be a good time to share some winter images to keep your eyes cool:)  I’ll share more winter images tomorrow as well.  I had the chance to visit Bryce Canyon National Park last December on a spectacular morning.  The drive there wasn’t looking promising for interesting conditions as the sky was mostly clear in the dawn.  As we got closer to Bryce, there were more and more low clouds and luckily it wasn’t bitter cold.  We pulled up to an overlook and the temperature was 27 F with no wind.  Perfect! Fog hovered over the hoodoos and the sky was getting lighter by the minute.

I’ve been to Bryce Canyon numerous times but I’ve never seen conditions like this in person.  Bryce Canyon is incredible to photograph and see even on a clear sky day so any atmospheric conditions are a treat to experience.  There were few people so finding a location to photograph and watch the light was easy.  In fact, I hiked for a few minutes along the rim and I couldn’t see or hear another person.  Just me, my camera and Bryce.  And light.  I only made 9 exposures on this incredible morning which may sound strange in today’s digital world.  I’m sharing 4 images, 2 had light leaks, 2 are similar to the ones below and 1 is for another time.  I’m more than happy to get one good photo per trip regardless if it’s digital or on film.

All images are on Kodak Ektar 100 and I’ll let the images stand alone without captions.  I hope you get the chance to see Bryce Canyon with your own eyes sometime.  It really is a special place unlike anywhere you’ll ever see.

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