Shot on Film: Day 7

Day 7 and the final day of a week of images.  I have plenty more to share and I hope this helps make up for such a long delay in posting here!  It’s still hot throughout the West but the rains and clouds are moving in.  Maybe these Winter photos are helping cool things off?  I wish!  One last day of Winter photos with a few from Zion National Park.  I’ll be sharing more from this trip in a separate post because it was one of the best days behind the lens I’ve ever had.  For now, a few images and thoughts from Zion on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day 2016.  Stay cool out there!

~ Falling ~ (2016 – Ektar 100)

Heavy rain in the morning created a world of waterfalls in Zion Canyon.  As the temperature dropped, the precipitation changed to heavy snow.  For a brief moment, there were both waterfalls and snow-covered trees and rocks.  Then the landscape became muffled and silent as the waterfalls ceased and the landscape became a Winter Wonderland.  Shooting in this heavy precipitation was an extreme challenge with an old camera that isn’t weather sealed.

~ Canyon of Mountains ~ (2016 – Ektar 100)

The landscape slowly became more and more obscured as the heavy snow filled Zion Canyon.  This massive landscape quickly became intimate and Zion changed.  New patterns and shapes appeared in all directions.  All sound vanished.  I spent hours roaming without seeing a single person as the heavy wet snow continued to pile up.  I still have a hard time writing anything to describe this sensation of being somewhere so powerful and seeing transform so quickly, all without anyone else around.  Emotional isn’t the right word.  Inspiring seems unjust.  Awe seems mild.  I felt like Zion was whispering for anyone who was listening.

~ Silent Night ~ (2016 – Ektar 100)

This was the last image I made on Christmas Eve.  The snow became deeper and had muffled every sound.  This tree is fairly close to the road but there were no cars.  No people. No tracks. No color.  It was a silent night and Zion whispered for the last time that day.

~ Canyon of Mountains II ~ (2016 – Ektar 100)

Over a foot of snow fell in Zion Canyon by Christmas Morning and the storm was clearing.  What else can I say?  Actually quite a bit but that’s for another blog post:)

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