The Day Landscape Photography Changed For Me

Earlier this year I made several trips to this desolate area of Utah.  A powerful Spring storm was rolling through and I was able to experience the dramatic changes as the rain, wind and light swept over this incredible landscape.  There were no people for miles and I was alone with only my camera.  I stopped at a vantage point not far from here as the storm passed, camera in hand, and I became completely overwhelmed by what I was seeing and experiencing.  The massive desert landscape was changing by the minute as veils of rain, light and shadow drifted to the horizon.  The colors of the landscape were also changing, from muted earth tones to vibrantly saturated colors, then back to muted colors.  This all happened in a very short time frame over an expansive landscape.  It was simply too much to attempt to capture.

I became overwhelmed with the landscape and felt at a loss at how I could express anything I was feeling or seeing.  It was impossible to show everything as the changes were happening simultaneously in all directions and on a scale that is difficult to comprehend.  I’d never seen anything like this before in my life.  I’d never experienced this sensation of feeling overwhelmed by a landscape.  I stood outside in the rain as water ran down my face, mixed with tears.  My camera was with me yet I didn’t know how to use it, or why I should use it.

It was at this exact moment I nearly put my camera away and nearly walked away from landscape photography forever…

To be continued.


~ Changes Come ~

Utah – 2017





20 thoughts on “The Day Landscape Photography Changed For Me

  1. i think i know the feeling. there were a couple times i was on my knees praying not to be hit by lightening while snapping shots and trying to keep the camera lens dry as the storm raged past overhead. some of those shots are the most memorable I have had the pleasure of getting. scared and delighted at the same time.

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  2. Incredible description, Eric. I know (almost) exactly what you mean. I haven’t had it happen on this scale, but had something very similar happen in New Mexico when the sun was setting behind a storm just like this, and a rainbow was appearing almost on the opposite horizon, where the sky was clear and the moon and a few stars were becoming visible. Sometimes all you can do is stand there breathless with your camera dangling helplessly from its strap. Thanks so much for not leaving, and for sharing this.

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