Landscape Photography and Time: Part I

Light & Stones

In the Spring of 2016, I visited Capitol Reef NP in Utah again.  I’m keeping this post short as an introduction to an idea which I’ll expand upon in my next post.  I’ve questioned myself whether time is needed between shooting a landscape image and sharing the image.  I question how much time is needed? One day? One week? One Year?  I don’t know this answer but I’m getting closer to coming up with a timeframe that works for me.

I find myself becoming too attached to the experience while in these places to be objective enough when selecting, creating and editing images.  I need time to pass before I can return to an image that I captured previously.  Shooting on film has made this separation easier but I think this idea goes beyond what format I use to create images.  It’s been over a year since I’ve captured these landscapes but in the larger scope of time, one year is insignificant.  Would these images look any different to you if I told you they were photographed 10 years ago? 20?

I’ll discuss this topic in greater depth in my next post or two.

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Shadow Valley


5 thoughts on “Landscape Photography and Time: Part I

    • Haha! Yeah, I thought about shooting this closer as a wide angle and keeping everything sharp. Think this was at 105mm and went with the soft foreground rock. I’m still not sure I like it better this way or not. Thanks, gotta catch up on your work!

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