Landscape Photography and Time: III

Portra 160

A few final thoughts on how time relates to landscape photography.  I’m intentionally leaving out the details of when I made these images to illustrate the same point I made in my last post.  Maybe these were made 2 weeks ago, maybe 2 years ago, maybe 20 years ago, it doesn’t really matter to the image.  These barren landscapes, shaped by water and time, are very slow to change.  I could go to these places right now and the landscape will be nearly identical to these images.  I’ve allowed enough time to pass to separate myself from the experience of being here and seeking these compositions.  I’ve allowed enough time to pass to select images that I wish to share.

Portra 160

There’s one important point to consider when allowing this time to pass between shooting and ultimately sharing my work.  I view photography as a journey and an evolution over time.  I find it beneficial to allow time to pass but on the other end, allowing too much time to pass creates a disconnect from this journey.  My images are as much a photograph as a reflection of myself and I want my images to be records of myself at a given point in my journey.  I find it important to share my work within a relevant timeframe so this evolution is also apparent.  While I could go back to these places and the landscape will be similar, I will be different.

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Ektar 100



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