Autumn In Park City

Velvia 50

Another year has passed and the season is about to change once again along the Wasatch Back of Utah.  Autumn is one of the best times of the year in Park City as the weather begins to change along with the landscape.  This summer has been quite warm and dry with limited monsoonal thunderstorms  and endless days around 90 degrees.  This can all change in matter of days here as the storms begin to roll in and Winter slowly takes over.  Autumn at 7000 ft in the Wasatch Mountains is a beautiful transition from Summer to Winter.  There are days of glowing red mountain maples with temperatures in the 80’s, foggy rainy days with saturated, colorful forests and there are cold days of white, a reminder of a season to come.

This beautiful season of change has begun in Park City and every day reveals something new in the landscape.  I’ll be sharing images from last year’s Autumn colors along with phone pics of this year’s colors as I explore this landscape with my camera.  Fall holds many different meanings for myself and others and I’m looking forward to exploring these meanings though my lens.  Some will see change, some will see balance, some will see time passing, some will see time stopping and some will simply see color.  More to come as this season progresses.

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