Top 10 of 2017: Part III

Wrapping up my “Top 10” with 5 more images, so I guess that’s a “Top 12” instead;)  (Part: II)

You can see all 12 images on my website HERE.

~ Beneath the Surface ~

There’s a small creek that I frequently walk by that passes below a roadway.  Tumbleweeds are blown into the creek from time to time and I noticed that this particular tumbleweed landed in a unique position.  I took a few pictures with my phone and returned the next day with my camera and tripod.  I waited until mid afternoon when the light would be more direct to create contrast, hiding the other debris that also gathers in culverts near a road.

~ Let Go ~

The end of summer in the local cemetery, with the last evening light making its way through the aspen grove.  This cemetery isn’t a large place, it has a small grove of aspens, a very short walking path and a small stream running through it.  I’m usually the only person there when I visit a few times each year.  For me, this cemetery is an intimate space that provides me continuous inspiration.  These spaces of inspiration, close to home and readily accessible are important to me for reasons that extend beyond photography.

~ GT Country ~

Morning light over an area of badlands in Utah.  I have been trying to not include as much sky in my landscape images because I believe that the sky in a landscape photograph often is distracting.  I’m not just talking about sunsets or sunrises, but skies in general.  I do believe there are many times a sky can compliment a landscape and this isn’t restricted to a time of day.  If you’re a landscape photographer, you’ve seen many images of this landscape before.  It’s usually blue with hints of orange light and mountains in the distance.  This image wasn’t at sunrise like 99% of all the images from this place though.  This was 2 hours after sunrise as these amazing clouds rolled over the barren landscape.


~ Ciel ~

A double exposure of some clouds I saw one day.  I’ve been trying to experiment with multiple exposures more because the images are not what we see with our eyes.  Experiment is the key word here because most images end up unusable or uninteresting.  This image was the only one I made of this sky so I’m very happy these two clicks of the shutter came together nicely.


~ Serendipity ~

I was at this lake to photograph the morning light on the peaks above and while walking around this lake searching for compositions, I came across this small scene.  The water was dead calm and the sky had cleared enough to reveal the moon.  After some tricky work setting my tripod on a boulder, I made this image and a few others.  I was there to photograph something else but the landscape spoke to me on this morning.  I know from experience that when this happens, always listen to the landscape instead of my own ideas of an image.  Always.



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