To the Skies

For 2018, I’ll be pointing my lens towards the sky much more than the past 2 years.  I haven’t photographed the sky as much over the last 2 years as I thought I would, or as much as I had previously.  I was able to make many images of the sky that I’m happy with but I’m looking to focus on the sky more exclusively now. Part of the reason for fewer sky images has been being more selective in what I photograph.  I’ve spent just as much time outside and just as much time observing as before, only fewer images were made.

One of the main reasons I enjoy photographing clouds is that this is a subject available to everyone, world-wide.  The location becomes irrelevant, unlike much of landscape photography, and the image is solely based on visual aesthetics.  I’m attempting to photograph skies that have some unique characteristic and not just intense storm clouds and colors.  So often the subtle colors and forms go unnoticed yet these types of scenes often make for beautiful images.  This image wasn’t one of those skies where people are pulled off the road to photograph.  It was just a fleeting moment of color and design that faded away.

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