Comfortable Space

The problem with not sharing images and writing for a while here is that I have no idea if I’ve shared this image (or future images) before. I guess I could revisit the archived posts but I’m just going to pretend you haven’t seen some of them anyway:) . So here we go..

I distinctly remember finding and capturing this image, even though it was from nearly 2 years ago. I vividly recall my frame of mind, my thoughts, my emotion and my desires at the time I clicked the shutter. This landscape is a place where few, if any, landscape photographers go. Wildlife photographers visit this area to photograph Wild Horses but landscape photographers seem to overlook this place. Fine with me.

I recall this time so vividly because I went there with the intention to be in a vast, wide open landscape, free of fences and barriers, so that I could think. I needed the wide open space to allow my thoughts to roam free without any interruptions or distractions. I needed a comfortable space.

2 image stitched pano
Portra 160 (pushed +1) Nikon FM Nikkor 105 f/2.5 (non-Ai)

This was a time in my life I was faced with a major decision which would affect the next few years up to this current moment. I needed clarity and silence so I would make the right decision for my future. I ventured into the West Desert of Utah and drove without a destination, only a tank full of gas, some film and a 40 year-old camera. It was mid to late afternoon and the light was just transitioning from the scorching harshness of mid day to the gentle and soothing light of late afternoon. A little later and the shadows would overtake the scene. A little earlier and the beautiful tones wouldn’t be as visible.

Essentially, this image is all about a clean, comfortable space without anything to distract the eye such as clouds or aggressive colors such as red or orange. I think I’ll title this image “Transitions” and leave it at that.

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