Week 20 ~ #FridayFotoTalk

Week 20 #FridayFotoTalk ~ How do you “Warm Up” creatively? (Also posted on Instagram but may migrate here soon)

Say you’re in a location and you have your camera with you, ready to take a picture at any time. You haven’t taken any pictures that day so far or the previous few days (or longer). How do you go from not being in the “zone” to suddenly being ready to shoot/record/create/interpret? You’re camera is always ready but are you?

I’m definitely not. I find I need to warm up my creativity as it’s not available to turn off or on like a light switch. We talked about music being this catalyst before but there’s another way I warm up creatively. I observe and use my phone. It’s really fairly simple.

I’ll use the phone camera liberally as I walk, stopping at whatever catches my eye and looking a little closer. Sometimes I don’t even take a phone pic, just look and move on. Other times the act of stopping to look reveals something of interest which I wouldn’t have noticed before. Often times, I stop and look at something, take a picture or two and move on without ever looking at the pictures. The pictures themselves aren’t important, it’s the act of stopping and exercising the creative muscles prior to using them behind the lens of a different camera. So I observe and practice, a lot.

How do you warm up when you shoot? Curious to know how others approach this. Thanks for reading:)
Light of Zion // 2019 // Portra 160

Warm vs Cold in Zion National Park // 2019 // Portra 160

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