A Few Days in a New Landscape

Happy New Year to all and best wishes for the upcoming year. 2020 ended with a visit to an area I’d noticed before yet had never spent time with. So to end the year, I did exactly this and spent a few days in a landscape which had hinted to me previously.


I was intending on going to Death Valley for a few days but I started not feeling well and didn’t want to risk feeling worse or exposing anyone else. So the several day camping trip to Death Valley turned into several days in a random place in an area I’ve always found interesting.

The Desert SW is more known for sun than it is for storms outside of the monsoon season. So any opportunity to experience rain, clouds and shifting light in this landscape is a treat. My agenda for photography was simple. I didn’t go anywhere except for a few short walks nearby and instead of chasing any light or conditions, I waited and watched as the landscape around me changed through the passing storm and varying conditions.


This approach to Photography is calming and often instructive. Here, there is no destination and there’s no specific feature. Instead, it’s an area with subtle variations in topography and microhabitats, all among a vast landscape seemingly boring when viewed in passing.

Through the course of a few days of casual exploring, resting and enjoying the space, a few elements of the landscape were discovered and captured. Many more were seen and experienced yet not photographed. These moments of simply experiencing a place are equally as rewarding and fulfilling as capturing such moments. However, actively creating images, meaning exploring and observing and composing, can lead to new ideas and discoveries which weren’t possible without Photography.

Creosote Dreamland

Over the course of a few slow days, I was fortunate to experience more of this area which I’d previously wondered about. Images here seem to come to you versus seeking them out. One such example is the image below, of this microhabitat and clearing sky. I had noticed in the distance that there was an area of joshua trees yet most of the landscape around didn’t have them. There were also areas of barrel cactus, yet other areas had none. Upon exploring this area of joshua trees, I also discovered these barrel cactus and the scene just presented itself as a nice harmony and microhabitat of the overall vast landscape. The skies clearing and in balance wasn’t expected, I didn’t wait for it or anticipate it. Nature has a serendipitous way of revealing herself sometimes.


It wasn’t the trip I envisioned but as the case in Nature, so many experiences aren’t envisioned. They’re always a little unknown, a little luck, a little mystery and a little serendipity. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to end the year than discovering new beauty in a random landscape. Cheers to more of this in 2021!

Thanks for reading, EE

New Horizons

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