Frozen Beauty I

Frozen Beauty: I

Winter can be a wonderful time to photograph Nature’s beauty which comes with the season. This particular morning was an icy 14°F along the river and my fingers definitely felt it! I wasn’t planning on being out for long so I didn’t bring gloves or hand warmers on this short walk. Whoops! I’d already taken a few shots of a particular landscape I was shooting and on my way back to the car, this particular frozen puddle stopped me in my tracks.

I circled the ice and discovered a few more images from this scene I’d walked past earlier (I’ll share more from here in future posts). By now my hands were getting pretty cold after staying here for I don’t know how long. Time gets pushed to the back of my mind often times while shooting. Maybe I was there 5 minutes, maybe a half hour, I really have no idea.

After exploring this small area and framing up a few compositions, the morning light had completely illuminated this area so my time was done here. I headed back with frozen fingers and a reminder from Nature to always keep your eyes open. A few hours later this all melted, only to do it again the next day with a new surprise.

Thanks for reading, EE

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