Frozen Beauty II

Another image from an unexpected area near my previous image. I wanted to bring up a few quick thoughts I often consider. An image like this was created with a single frame, single exposure and I’m well aware of the technique of focus stacking. I’ll summarize my opinion on focus stacking: I don’t like it.

Focus stacking allows multiple frames to be combined to create a sharp image front to back, corner to corner. It’s a technique some people enjoy and it can have nice effects when used right. For myself, I prefer images with depth of field created by focal planes and optics. It just feel it’s more natural to the eye and can actually help a composition by using focus, along with many other compositional elements to guide the viewer’s eye.

To me, images artificially focused lose this impact of natural depth and look bizarre. This is just my opinion but felt it was worth bringing up. I guess I just prefer the simplicity of Photography more than the technical side of it.

One last point with this image is the areas which aren’t “tack sharp”. There’s nothing of interest in those areas of the frame so the artificial focus would actually detract from the composition and my intent, not help it. Whichever approach works for you and your style, go with it.

What are your thoughts on focus stacking? Curious to hear and I’m definitely not opposed to changing my mind.

Thanks for reading, EE

Frozen Beauty II // 2020 // Single Exposure

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