A New Series – How Does This Happen?

180 ~ I

Photographing with the intent of images being part of a series is an approach to Photography that I periodically enjoy. Most often, I’m out in Nature and the image making process is more of a discovery and not anything predetermined. That is a discussion for a different time and for now I’ll share a few thoughts about shooting for a specific series of images.

The first place to start with this approach is an idea of a series. It may seem obvious but where does this idea come from? You can’t shoot for a particular collection or theme if you don’t have an idea already, can you? My answer: Sort of. To expand on this idea, I’m sharing 2 images from a new series I’m slowly working on. In this collection of images, 2 exposures are made in camera, each looking 180 degrees from each other and not physically moving.

This idea came to me from being in a particular place where in one direction a bare cottonwood tree was enjoying some nice evening light and in the other direction, the same light was backlighting some grass in a golden glow. The idea was nearly immediate in my mind. The 2 subjects seemed to compliment each other and reminded me of the golden leaves that once filled this now barren cottonwood. 2 clicks of the shutter without moving and that memory, that vision, came to be on the back of the camera. Some time later, this 2nd image came to be from also being out in Nature. I wasn’t specifically seeking this image yet the idea for this series was engrained in my mind and I knew it could work for this series. Click-click, without moving.

Another approach to shooting for a series is to go out and specifically seek and look for images fitting of the series. I think this works for some subjects better than others and possibly for some people more than others. I personally find this approach difficult because doing so also can put blinders on to the rest of the world, especially in Nature. It’s difficult but at the same time the challenge of it also allows more attention and focus on the desired images and subject. An example of this in Nature an ongoing series of images I’m working on and collecting of Aspens & Pines, the way the 2 trees interact in Nature. If I went to the mountains and only sought after these images, I feel I’d miss so much else. A different example in Nature is another ongoing series where I’m exploring the Edge of Light in Nature. I go out with the strict intention of looking and shooting this edge of light and shadow, nearly ignoring everything else. Having this focus on an element of Nature allows for the distractions of “everything else” to go away and I find myself more attentive and receptive to this interaction of light and shadow.

Getting back to this particular series of “180 Degrees”, I’ll continue to let the images come to me while out in Nature and not intentionally seek them. Sometime down the road I’ll have enough images in this series to share the full collection but until then, it’s an idea born from experiences in Nature and will continue to be inspired from experiences in Nature.

Thanks for reading, EE

180 ~ II

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