When It Snows in Bryce Canyon…

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A few weeks ago I had the fortune of spending a week or so in Bryce Canyon National Park as a winter storm passed through and transformed the magical landscape into a pure Winter Wonderland. I’d been waiting to spend some time there and hoping to catch a good storm but this year has largely been mild in SW Utah. Finally, a series of storms promised fresh snow and it coincided with my available time. Two separate storms followed by blue skies passed through during my time there and I had a chance to hike during and after these storms among the hoodoos. The days blurred together as each day was a little better than the last.

Bryce Canyon in the Winter is really a magical place, particularly after a storm. The landscape itself is overwhelming and strange when it’s clear of snow but takes on a new look with a fresh coat of snow. I’m thinking I have to split this up into a few posts to share more of my experience there and to share a range of images. I’ll keep this post as more of an introduction as I’m still trying to process the experience and the images. It was one of the highlights of the year for sure and it’s only early February!

Winter brings few people which makes experiencing this landscape even better IMO. A few of the days I was hiking I didn’t see a single person until nearly 11AM. I guess photography and early mornings in the freezing cold has a benefit of that at least. It’s never easy to get out of bed and go out in the cold and snow but this place quickly reassures you it was a good idea. Morning light and snow covered hoodoos and falling snow is a true Winter Wonderland and something I’ve longed to experience (not just photograph) for some time.

I’ll write in more detail about this experience in a coming post or 2, but for now, a few images from one of the most fun places to photograph I’ve ever experienced.

Thanks for reading and more to come…EE

Sunset in Bryce Canyon. Best place for sunset in Bryce Canyon.

6 thoughts on “When It Snows in Bryce Canyon…

    1. Thanks Scott, it’s pretty pristine after the snow. There’s trails to hike on so the route is defined and keeps the snow untracked in the areas off trail. As the trail winds through the landscape, various features to the left and right make it easy for clean shots without tracks:) thanks again! More to come


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