2021 Recap: January

I’m looking to share a “Top 10 of 2021” of sorts but before I do that, I’m going to recap each month of the last year with a few favorites from each month. I began the year thinking I’d be shooting WAY less than I normally do because I thought 2019 had been a very productive year. I planned to spend more time on the computer and less time in the field. Additionally, COVID had zero impact on the amount of travel and images for me personally. All in all, 2021 was one of my most creative and productive years ever behind the lens.

Looking 180 degrees apart, in camera double exposure.

The first image is an addition to a series I’m still working on of double exposures created in camera, looking 180 degrees for each image. I began the series “180” in late December 2020 and this was the 2nd image in the series, created in January 2021. Later in the year I began another series based in Zion National Park which I’ll share in a later post.

Sunrise at Bryce Canyon National Park

The next 3 images were all photographed in Bryce Canyon National Park during a series of snowstorms which buried Bryce Canyon. I spent a week here hiking and exploring as the storms passed through with the intent to capture one of my favorite places in full winter conditions. Nature delivered and after a few feet of snow, this landscape became a true Winter Wonderland. The first image is a panorama captured at sunrise from deep within the canyon. I took a big chance on this image and conditions as it was grey and cloudy in the early morning darkness, with the temperature around 0F. This location is roughly an hour hike through knee-deep fresh snow. Conditions aligned as the sun broke through and I was able to experience an amazing sunrise from a unique location in Bryce Canyon.

3 Pines

The next image was on another cold and clear morning between storms and I headed to a favorite location, again through fresh snow and not a soul around. Soft light from the frigid air temperatures helped give balance to this scene showing 3 bristlecone pines. Bryce Canyon is known for the hoodoos but anyone who hikes here will also be amazed at the trees. They’re full of character and always a joy to photograph. To me, this image shows the relationship of time, life, light and balance and was so beautiful to see in person.

Movement of Time

The final image of January is my personal favorite image to date from Bryce Canyon. During one of the snowy days, I ventured deep into the canyon while the heavy snow came down all day. Snow would build then cascade down, shooting off the sides of hoodoos and falling all around. Framing the 2 trees in a fashion to show small/large gives an additional element to passing time. They’ll say Bryce Canyon is shaped by water and wind, but I believe it’s equally shaped by time. I stood here for an hour as snow piled up on my camera faster than I could clear it.


I’m leaving out one more image which is a “Top 10” as a little surprise for the end. It’s an image from sunset at Bryce Canyon and I guarantee it’s something you won’t expect. Stay tuned:) Thanks for reading and next post will be from some different landscapes with different colors.

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