2021 Recap: February

sunset over st george and the pine valley mountains
Great Basin vs Mojave

February brought something special with this first image captured near my home. To the North (right) is the edge of the Great Basin and to the left is the Mojave Desert, dropping from 10,000 ft to 1,500 ft in a short distance. This intersection of two distinct ecosystems is fascinating to observe when weather moves through. The Great Basin is home to strong cold fronts during the winter months and the Mojave Desert more or less dissolves all cold fronts which try to enter. This particular zone in the center of the image is the meeting of these two environments and thus, produces unbelievable light on a regular basis. I’ve seem many unique conditions in this small area and this evening in February was one which stood out among many.

trees and rocks on the edge of a lake in black and white.
Calmness, reflected

The 2nd image is another one close to home and a place which I enjoy passing by regularly. You won’t find photographers here, mostly just ducks and fishermen. This simple image is more about a feeling than a location or conditions though. Simplicity, asymmetry and balance all play together along the water’s edge.

aspen trees with snow.
Winter Aspens

The 3rd image from February is one of aspens near home, but at an elevation of 10,000 ft. It was crystal clear and subzero which created ice crystals suspended in the air. This phenomenon is beautiful and can be observed anywhere during the winter. I used a different camera technique to create a softness with detail, without the use of computer trickery (Photoshop). Again, this image is more about a mood, a feeling, a memory than a particular location.

black and white ferns and water drops from olympic national park in washington.
The Shape of Rain

I saved my personal favorite image of the month for last with this one, The Shape of Rain. I had the opportunity to visit and explore the Olympic Peninsula in February, but wasn’t too focused on photography. Walking through the rainforest in Olympic National Park a day after it rained 4″ was wild as the mossy forest was dripping and peaceful. This image took some creativity to create and see. I noticed these two ferns way up in a tree with dripping water nearby so I used a telephoto lens looking straight up. I definitely used dodging and burning with the edit to isolate what I was photographing. The resulting image is simple and one which I feels tells a story of the place and myself.

A bonus behind the scenes pic drinking Moscow mules on the beach with my favorite person in the world. #photographerlife:)

Thanks for reading and the March recap will bring another location close to home (rhymes with Zion). Eric

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