2021 Recap: June

June in the Desert SW is no joke when it comes to heat. St. George hit 115ºF and the cooler days of Spring and Autumn seem like distant memories. You’d think that the oppressive heat wouldn’t make for good landscape photography conditions but strangely enough, June was quite productive for me. One feature of SW Utah is the massive scale of the landscape with elevations ranging from 11,000 ft to 2,500 ft above sea level in a relative short distance. I’m able to drive to 10,000 ft in an hour from my house where the heat vanishes and the cool mountain air takes over.

Distant light during a passing storm in Southern Utah

Massive relief in the landscape also means good vistas and the first image takes advantage of this. An evening thunderstorm was clearing to the West and I was able to shoot far in the distance to compose the moment of light. June brought the first push of moisture from the south and it turned out to be a fairly rainy summer. But more on this in the next 2 posts:)

Ripples & Reflections

One evening in the mountains found me alongside a lake where the aspens were reflecting in the calm water. An occasional boat would pass in the distance to create just enough ripples to distort the scene. This was a spot I returned to a few times and a relaxing place to observe and photograph.

Lastly, a few more moon images from June from Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon National Park. I spent several evenings throughout the year attempting to photograph the waxing crescent moon, sometimes lining up with the landscape, sometimes lining up with a tree. One of the images above was a complete surprise, one was planned, one is fairly dark and one shows the danger of stumbling around in the dark for compositions (I have a nice scar on my knee now!). These images are so much fun to try to capture regardless if they turn out or not. 2022 will definitely bring more of these I’m sure.

Crescent moon and Venus at Bryce Canyon National Park.
The 1% moon and Venus setting near Bryce Canyon National Park.

One interesting thing to point out about this final image with Venus and the Moon is that I didn’t see this image with my eyes at all. I saw Venus and was framing up a potential photo but it was too bright still to see the moon. I took the photo as a test shot but the moon had set behind the trees by the time it was visible to the human eye. Once home, I was able to see the moon on the computer and was shocked. It’s a little like my intuition took this photo because my eyes never saw this in real life.

Kinda makes you wonder what else our eyes are blinding us to in Nature. Thanks for reading, Eric.

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