2021 Recap: August

Rolling along with another recap and I’ll keep this one a bit short. August brought more heat and storms and attempts to photograph the storm light. I was fortunate to have one fleeting moment of beautiful light but found myself in a not so ideal location. I couldn’t get to a spot for a better composition and within 5 minutes, the light had vanished. So it goes with landscapes:)

Storm light in Southern Utah (10,500 ft)

An additional highlight of the month was a nice walk through Zion (again) on a warm summer evening. Many people think Zion is crowded all the time and that couldn’t be more untrue. Living nearby affords the chance to visit during times when it’s not crowded or busy. One such time is evenings as everyone is leaving and the shuttles into the canyon are empty, parking is plentiful and peace can be found in the canyon. Below are a few images from one such evening in the park.

Late Afternoon in Zion
Late August colors
Light on the Virgin River

Lastly, August also brought the chance to photograph and discover a bird I’d not noticed before, a black crowned night heron. There are a few of these around select areas of Southern Utah but overall they’re not too common. Here, one is resting with its neck hunched and the beautiful tuft of feathers on its head isn’t visible. I’ll attempt to photograph one this summer again and seeing one was definitely a highlight of the year.

Black crowned night heron, Southern Utah

2 thoughts on “2021 Recap: August

    1. Thank you, Denise:) I live near Zion and for now it’s only a permit for Angels Landing, but Arches is now on a timed entry system. I’m sure Zion won’t be far behind. It’s pretty unreal how busy it gets here.

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