2021 Recap: October

Thank you for following along as I recap each month with a few favorite images. I’ll share a final selection of 10-12 images from 2021 after these recaps. October brought several trips and was one of my most productive months from the year.

Aspens in fog, Southern Utah

The first image is perhaps my favorite image from 2021. I came across this scene the evening before and I returned the following morning at dawn. Soft morning light mixed with cool fog made this scene even better than the night before. There were so many oranges and reds in the aspens this year, probably due to our wet summer. This image is several frames stitched for even higher resolution (big print) and is a moment of Autumn I feel lucky to have witnessed.

The next 2 images are both double exposures made in the camera and an idea I’ve had for some time. I was finally able to be in a time and place with aspen eyes and colors after years of keeping my eyes open for such a scene. I do enjoy each image individually but even more so as a pair.

Blue Octopus

The next 2 images are from different trips to Zion (yet again) in vastly different conditions. As a cloud was passing and blocked the sun, the wood reflected more of the blue sky and stood out against the warmer colored sandstone. It was more of an observation at the time I shot it but the image has grown on me since that day. The next one is another image I’ve been trying to get for some time.

When it rains in Zion…

Rainstorms in Zion are simply beautiful. I mentioned in a previous post how this is a landscape of contrasts and rain brings this contrast to life. The massive walls of Zion transform into mountains, spilling water to the valley below. Zion begins to look like Yosemite and the once dry canyon appears lush and full of life. Photographing the waterfalls is difficult though. For one, you have to be there. You also have to be able to see the waterfalls and usually they vanish as quickly as they appear. But every once in a while, if you’re lucky, you get to see Zion turn into Water World and I promise it’ll take your breath away.

Cottonwood along the edge of light

The final 2 images are Autumn images again, one from Capitol Reef National Park and the other from a few miles from my house. Above, this canyon was stunning with Autumn colors and perfect conditions. One of my favorite times of year is Fall in the canyons of Southern Utah. Vivid blue sky, glowing light within the canyons and perfect weather for hiking. We came across this scene as it was in the light and shot a few compositions as the tree slipped into the shade. This scene has become one of my favorites from the year and will likely be in my top 10 from 2021.

The last image is a scene I really enjoy and one I’ve photographed before. To be honest, I’m not in love with the sky but the rest of the scene is as ideal as it gets. Maybe I’ll get back here again next year, and the years after to attempt to improve upon this image. It’s not far from home but as with all landscape photography, conditions have to line up with life and we usually have to make the best of what we’re given. So I’ll wait..

Virgin River – Virgin, UT

4 thoughts on “2021 Recap: October

  1. Great collection! You’re double exposure work is always interesting and beautiful. The Zion waterfall is amazing (I’ve seen conditions like that once). But the last is my favorite. It’s funny, I usually really dislike bright, pale skies in my own work (outside of winter abstracts anyway), but it never seems to bother me in other people’s photos. Here, it gives me the sense of a gloriously luminous morning or evening, and works perfectly with that amazing backlight in the trees.


    1. Thank you, Jackson. The double exposures are fun and let me be creative. I’ll be sharing more soon:) I share your thoughts about the pale sky look and rarely seek this for images of my own. It’s usually a sign of harsh or contrasted light and I prefer the balanced light. This is a difficult location because of that contrast but for a little while in the evening and morning (morning here) it works. Thanks again.


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