2021 Recap: November & December

Wrapping up the recaps for 2021 with 2 months together because they were both mostly unproductive months for images. I did manage to get some from Bryce Canyon and had several other outings, but no images which I wish to share from those outings. November and December are usually ok for producing images but I was busy this year with family, had some personal stuff going on and travel for the holiday. Mentally, it was a challenging period and no surprise that it is reflected in my photography.

Bryce Canyon in morning light

2 of these images were shared in a previous post “Winter Mornings in Bryce Canyon” and I’ll share 2 additional images here. This first one is a scene I’m fond of because it’s complex. I enjoy simplicity in images but I often feel simplicity is confused with “better” or more refined. I’m drawn to complexity with visual flow and I personally find this approach equally as challenging as refined simplicity. More on this topic in a post on it’s own:)

Morning Light in Bryce Canyon

The next image is from well below the rim of Bryce Canyon, beyond where most photographers go. Morning light and fresh snow in Bryce Canyon is a treat to the eyes, even with only a little snow. The strong contrast of colors and visual flow of light and forms made this image stand out for me. Below, a B&W image of just light, shadow and flow shows similar characteristics.

B&W Visual Flow, Bryce Canyon

To conclude, the last series of posts has been a quick highlight of the months and their respective stand out images. Now, I’ll go through and pick out the 10-12 favorites of the year and share in my next post. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading along and perhaps have gained a little insight into the flow of images for one year. 2022 will bring more of this flow and unknown and has started off well so far. I’ll get caught up to recent work and look forward to sharing both recent adventures and more in-depth thoughts related to Nature Photography. Thanks for reading:) Eric

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