Top 10 of 2021

Thanks again for following along through the recaps of each month. Now, I’ll share my favorite 10 of 2021 in no particular order. Some interesting notes about these images: All were a surprise and unplanned, 2 were shot from a parking lot, 2 were shot from a paved trail, 2 were shot from a road and 4 were from a dirt trail. 8 were shot with an auto focus telephoto lens and 2 were shot with a manual focus 35-70 lens. Lastly, 2021 surprised me as a productive year behind the lens because I expected to not shoot very much. Creativity, motivation and inspiration are interesting in that you never know when they’ll be there, or leave. When they’re there, the approach I have is to take advantage of it and push myself 100% because there’s certainly times they take a rest. 2021 felt like a year of being ON and 2022 is looking no different. Thanks again and enjoy:). EE

  1. Light along the Washington Coast. September 2021

2. Water in the Hoh Rainforest, Washington. February 2021

3. Water in Zion National Park. October 2021

4. Light in Zion National Park. March 2021

5. Zion Skylines creative series. November 2021

6. Color, fog and light in Southern Utah. October 2021

7. Form along the Paria River. April 2021

8. Snow and Light at sunset in Bryce Canyon National Park. January 2021

9. Snow slides at Bryce Canyon NP. January 2021

10. Light and color in Capitol Reef National Park. October 2021

All images are also available on my website as well as information about prints and workshops. Thanks for reading, Eric.

6 thoughts on “Top 10 of 2021

    1. Thanks Jackson! Those ferns were about 100ft in the tree above me, dripping down. I shot a lot of frames to finally capture the drops in an interesting way. There were some other distractions in the frame which were darkened in post but not the drops or ferns themselves. I had to get creative when shooting there since I didn’t have a tripod there and it’s pretty low light.

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  1. I love the “Light in Zion in March” I like the soft light coming from the side and the depth as things fade into that light. The falling snow and snow on the trees is a great contrast to that warm light. I also like the textures and lines in the rock and photo overall. This photo stands out to me! Nice collection.

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    1. Thanks Lawrence, there were some nice squalls that day and was just clearing. I had the pleasure to print this for a client in a 20″ lumachrome acrylic and was pretty happy with the image. Definitely a favorite of any year. Thanks again!


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