Zion National Park wall art, zion national park prints.

Zion Skylines: New Series From Zion National Park

At some point in 2021, a new idea for a series emerged while out hiking and shooting in Zion National Park. I'm not totally sure how it happened and I wasn't looking for it. Upon creating my first image of the soon to be series, I immediately knew I wanted to continue creating similar images. … Continue reading Zion Skylines: New Series From Zion National Park

hoh rainforest

2021 New Work: II

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to travel to the Pacific Northwest and visit the lush green forests along the coast. One particular destination was overwhelmingly green and mossy and is well known by many. I wanted to share this image because I discovered something curious prior to visiting this area, which I hope … Continue reading 2021 New Work: II

2021 New Work: Part One

The next several posts will be much shorter and I'll be sharing some recent work from 2021 so far. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen some of these and I'll share a few here which I haven't shared on IG. 2021 has already produced a few images I'm pleased with but … Continue reading 2021 New Work: Part One