2021 Recap: February

February brought something special with this first image captured near my home. To the North (right) is the edge of the Great Basin and to the left is the Mojave Desert, dropping from 10,000 ft to 1,500 ft in a short distance. This intersection of two distinct ecosystems is fascinating...

hoh rainforest

2021 New Work: II

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to travel to the Pacific Northwest and visit the lush green forests along the coast. One particular destination was overwhelmingly green and mossy and is well known by many. I wanted to share this image because I discovered something curious prior to visiting this area, which I hope … Continue reading 2021 New Work: II

Photographing a New Location

Sharing a recent blog post from my new blog for my business. I welcome you to follow along here if you're interested in reading more photography related writings and new images. Hope to see you there too! Thanks, Eric 3 Image Pano from the Wave in Arizona - 2021 Photographing a new landscape can be … Continue reading Photographing a New Location