2021 New Work: Part One

The next several posts will be much shorter and I'll be sharing some recent work from 2021 so far. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen some of these and I'll share a few here which I haven't shared on IG. 2021 has already produced a few images I'm pleased with but … Continue reading 2021 New Work: Part One

Photographing a New Location

Sharing a recent blog post from my new blog for my business. I welcome you to follow along here if you're interested in reading more photography related writings and new images. Hope to see you there too! Thanks, Eric 3 Image Pano from the Wave in Arizona - 2021 Photographing a new landscape can be … Continue reading Photographing a New Location

A New Series – How Does This Happen?

180 ~ I Photographing with the intent of images being part of a series is an approach to Photography that I periodically enjoy. Most often, I'm out in Nature and the image making process is more of a discovery and not anything predetermined. That is a discussion for a different time and for now I'll … Continue reading A New Series – How Does This Happen?

Frozen Beauty II

Another image from an unexpected area near my previous image. I wanted to bring up a few quick thoughts I often consider. An image like this was created with a single frame, single exposure and I'm well aware of the technique of focus stacking. I'll summarize my opinion on focus stacking: I don't like it. … Continue reading Frozen Beauty II

Frozen Beauty I

Frozen Beauty: I Winter can be a wonderful time to photograph Nature's beauty which comes with the season. This particular morning was an icy 14°F along the river and my fingers definitely felt it! I wasn't planning on being out for long so I didn't bring gloves or hand warmers on this short walk. Whoops! … Continue reading Frozen Beauty I