Crescent moon and trees in Bryce Canyon National Park

2021 Recap: June

June in the Desert SW is no joke when it comes to heat. St. George hit 115ºF and the cooler days of Spring and Autumn seem like distant memories. You'd think that the oppressive heat wouldn't make for good landscape photography...

2021 New Work: Part One

The next several posts will be much shorter and I'll be sharing some recent work from 2021 so far. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen some of these and I'll share a few here which I haven't shared on IG. 2021 has already produced a few images I'm pleased with but … Continue reading 2021 New Work: Part One

Photographing a New Location

Sharing a recent blog post from my new blog for my business. I welcome you to follow along here if you're interested in reading more photography related writings and new images. Hope to see you there too! Thanks, Eric 3 Image Pano from the Wave in Arizona - 2021 Photographing a new landscape can be … Continue reading Photographing a New Location